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Affiliate/Referral Program Affiliate/Referral Program

If you are already an affiliate, visit to get your links and answers to Frequently Asked Questions we get from our active partners.

Why become a ClickCE affiliate?

  • It's free.
  • There are not many affiliate programs from the continuing education and pre-license industry. That means attracting more targeted visitors to your website and providing more information.
  • A store adds value to your site and encourages repeat visitors.
  • It's easy: You earn commissions and ClickCE handles all the ordering, shopping, billing, fulfillment and customer service.

You'll work with the best - ClickCE is the most popular and trusted Web site for continuing education and prelicense courses for real estate agents, insurance agents, and mortgage professionals.

ClickCE LLC is the best resource for professional mandatory education -it provides the freedom of distance education with an array of course topics and best of all, competitive prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become an affiliate if I don't have a Web site?
Yes. Affiliates can give their affiliate email or code via paper formats, webpage, over the phone, or in any legitimate manner they choose. We encourage email marketing, but we strongly object spamming.
Any illegal method utilized by an affiliate is grounds for automatic and immediate suspension from the affiliate program.



Who can participate?
Anyone can participate and all customers are automatically signed up as affiliates. We allow sites outside United States to participate that target visitors of the US. We do NOT permit sites that link to or contain objectionable materials.



Does it cost anything?
No, it is FREE to become a ClickCE affiliate. There is no application fee and no minimum sales requirement.



How do I earn money?
ClickCE pays using a 5 tiered commission structure based off the sales price. Each course varies on the exact % of sales. Tier 1 is 65% (approximately 19.5% of sales), Tier 2 is 22% (approximately 6.6% of sales), Tier 3 is 8% (approximately 2.4% of sales), Tier 4 is 4% (approximately 1.2% of sales), and Tier 5 is 1% (approximately .3% of sales).

Each course sells for a different price and costs us a different price, so each course has a different payout but most of them payout approximately 75% of the sales price. . Basically, for customers who sign up as a direct result of your work, or for customers who sign up below that customer (5 total levels) we pay out approximately 75% of the sales price. You can use this amount as credit towards future purchases or if you do not want to purchase any courses from us, you can take cash at 50% of the value in your account.

After the customer you sign up has his one year anniversary, you get 75% of the previous percentage you were getting. After he reaches his 2nd year anniversary, you get 50% of the original percentage you were getting. After the 3rd anniversary, you get 40% of the original percentage for life. Once a customer signs up under you, you get credit for him forever without having to do any additional work.

Example: John is an affiliate and through his efforts, he gets a customer, Customer A who pays $100 for his courses. John is Tier 1 so he earns 19.5% (it varies slightly per course) $100 which is $19.50 for his Tier 1 efforts. John signs up an affiliate under him named Kate. Kate gets a customer, Customer B to sign up who buys $200 worth of courses. Kate earns 19.50% of $200 which is $39.00 for her Tier 1 efforts and John earns 6.6% of the sales price for his Tier 2 efforts which is $13.200 .Fourteen months later, customer B comes back to ClickCE and buys $100 worth of the same courses. Customer B has aged one year since is past one year and before the end of the second so the aging percentage is 75%. For Kate, Customer B is a Tier 1 customer so she gets 19.5% x 75% aging = 14.625% of $100 = $14.63. John earns 6.60% x 75% = 4.95% of $100 = $4.95 It's a little confusing but don't worry, we take care of the math. All you have to do is log into your account.



How often will I get paid?
Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis. You must accrue a balance of at least $10 in commissions to get paid. If you do not earn that much in a quarter, your balance will roll over and be added to the commissions generated from sales that occur during the following three-month period. Customers buy from our site in US dollars. All commission payment checks to affiliates are denominated in US dollars.



How do I get started?
It's easy. Just register as a new customer and you are all set. You don't need to purchase anything. After that you just log into your account and download the links and place them prominently in the appropriate areas of your site.



How do I create the links to ClickCE's Store?
Once you are accepted as a ClickCE Affiliate, you will have access to the exclusive affiliate gateway where you can go and download images and create links. You can also give out your email to potential customers instead or your code. Your customers can give your affiliate info via the phone or through the online registration process.



How do I get reports on how much money Iím earning and how my links are performing?
The ClickCE affiliate gateways also provide information on your earnings so you can login at any time and check the status and earnings of your account.



What is my responsibility?
You are responsible for setting up the links in the appropriate areas of your site, updating them frequently, and directing your audience to visit our site.



What is ClickCE's responsibility?
ClickCE handles the rest. The orders, shipping, billing, customer service, returns, and everything else related to the shopperís experience is taken care of by our site. We also track all orders from your site, calculate commissions due, and send you a check each quarter.



How is ClickCE's affiliate program different from others?
We will help you with the tools and support that will make you successful. Periodically we will send out an e-mail newsletter to all affiliates alerting you to the latest news from ClickCE and offering merchandising ideas. We will also be profiling sites who are successful affiliates. We encourage you to visit ClickCE frequently to stay up to date on the site and the store and to register (it's free) and sign up for the site and store newsletters to be sent to you automatically.



Can you help me?
A million dollar question! Not many CE and pre-license education sites offer an affiliate program. ClickCE, offers continuing education and pre-license learning with an affiliate program, there we differ ourselves. With the help of our program, we let you earn your credit at the same time making your education free.



How do you track orders by visitors from my site?
By following the instructions for downloading the links we provide to you, we can track where each visitor comes from and who makes a purchase. The purchase must be made during the visit that resulted from your link. They then must accept delivery of the product at the shipping destination and remit full payment and you must wait for the duration of the refund time before the funds becoming credited.



Where should I create links?
There are multiple ways to link from your site to the ClickCE Store. Some of our suggestions are:

  • In the dedicated shopping area on your site.
  • On the home page
  • In the navigation bar
  • In banners that appear throughout your site
  • In special reports or features that relate to baby products



We will be offering you additional tips and ideas in the monthly affiliate newsletter and we welcome your success stores.

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